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Miracle Morning

by emma ceolin

Let's make magic

Are you ready to step into your power and start every day with intention, clarity, and purpose? Are you ready to shift into a higher vibration and create a life that you're wildly passionate about? But don't have the tools or method to get there?

Let's get real

Our mindset, energy, and actions shape our reality. You are the creator of your reality. Only you hold the power to change your life. If you're sitting around waiting for someone to save you, inspire you, motivate you, you'll be waiting a looooong time. You're whole life in fact. Only you can be the hero of your own life. This is your your story and it's time to show up with main character energy. 

What is miracle morning?

Miracle Morning is a powerfully transformational 6-week online course for women based on the concept and philosophy that a bespoke, deliberate and powerful morning routine brings intentionality into your whole day and creates a life that borders on the magical. The practice creates purposeful blocks of uninterrupted, intentional focus and time each morning to invest in personal development towards your goals and dreams — the one's that set your soul on fire. 

Meet Emma

I'm an international mindset, meditation and yoga teacher with over 10 years experience, Mama, and founder of Yogaventures. I've proudly travelled the world leading workshops, retreats and trainings in iconic locations like Sydney, London, Paris, Singapore, Thailand, Bali, Hawaii. 

Through my teachings and online presence, I vulnerably share my journey, experience, knowledge and passionately empower and propel good-hearted, visionary women into their dream biz, careers and life.

I'm no stranger to life's loss, heartache and hardship. In the space of a year I lost my brother to suicide, closed my yoga studio during the pandemic, separated from my partner at 38-weeks pregnant, and become a solo mama to a newborn and toddler. Most days were overwhelming and it took everything in me not to fall apart. It was my morning routine that grounded me and empowered me. Rising at 3:45am every day was the main personal practice that allowed me space for reflection, healing, creation, and self-discipline to bring me closer to who I wanted to be. I can't think of a ritual that has contributed to my life as much as this life-altering practice. It's now over 5 years I have instilled and perfected my miracle morning and I can't wait to share it with you.

I love to blend science-backed research with spiritual principals and apply to the lifestyle of the purpose-driven driven women and modern mama for a unique, inspiring and down-to-earth approach to learning. For this reason, I'm a little different to other teachers and 'coaches' you've encountered. 

It's my deep hope that this course serves to the full expression of your talents + purpose beautifully and  offers the transformative space you desire within creativity, productivity, and service to the world.

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Why do this course

This is a course in self-mastery and provides everything you need to know about self-optimisation. It inspires and supports driven women and modern mamas to seize their day, master their mindset, connect to their purpose, and take bold aligned action toward their next level higher self. 

Who this course is for

⚡️ Good-hearted passionate, ambitious, visionary women who are here to leave an impact

⚡️ Modern mamas or SAHM seeking more time, energy, and productivity to pursue dreams and projects

⚡️ Path blazers ready to manifest an exquisite career by starting a side hustle, launching a biz, increasing their income, or gunning for their dream job


⚡️ CEO's and established biz owners who are ready to accelerate their leadership with innovation and execution

⚡️ Those who want to level up in relationships, fitness, finances, and mindset for a passion-filled, purpose-driven, meaningful life

⚡️ Those who are ready for new ways of experiencing deeper levels of yourself and balance in life

What's included

✨ 6 modules of content, guidance and inspiration unlocking weekly over 6-weeks


✨ 6 x 45-60 minute intentionally-created training videos with thoughtful, unique approaches


✨ 6 x 30 minute guided audio meditation (breathwork, visualisations, and mantras) 


✨ 6 x coursework booklet with journalling prompts, affirmations and actionable exercises

✨ Access to the closed Facebook group to ask questions and connect with other like-minded women


✨ Instagram accountability stories (optional)


Lifetime access to this magic including any updated or bonus content

What to expect

🦋 Rather thank resenting your reality, expect to learn  you how to bend it to your will

🦋 Expect to create a life where you jump out of bed in the morning excited to start the day


🦋 Expect to change your thoughts, rewire your habits and understand how your mind works

🦋 Expect to transform into a happier, healthier and purposeful human

🦋 Expect to experience the magnetic vibration of being who you are, doing what you love, and how it aligns everything you need in your life with that energy

🦋 Expect to restructure your entire life to remodel mastery


It was everything I could have asked for and more. Emma is caring, passionate, inspiring and was there every step of the way to ensure we felt supported and at ease. There was abundance of knowledge, with different insight and advice. Even the most daunting components of this course were a breeze because of the structure, encouragement and support. I would recommend this course to anyone that not only wishes to dive deeper into their practice but to learn about themselves as it is a massive self development and learning experience.


I think I might not be able to find the right words for you Emma. You are one of the best teachers I ever met. It was one of my greatest experiences, joining your  training. I feel very grateful about everything. You are an inspiring teacher and beautiful human being from inside and out. Keep shining. Lots of love


There’s not enough words I can say about this beautiful soul. I was looking for calmness and happiness in my life, my mind what felt twisted and confused... Anxious some days and stressed the next, not knowing what to do or feel. As I’m writing this running through all the teachings in my head, the smile I have only justifies the happiness she’s given me inside. I’ve let go of countless doubt and fears and can whole heartedly accept this world for what is and live. She pours her heart and soul in what she does and you can feel her beautiful energy emanate, the level of respect I have for her is above and beyond.

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