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Emma Ceolin


My story began when I first found yoga and meditation as a therapy for my anxiety and depression.

As a young teen, I experienced crippling and paralysing panic attacks. By the time I was 18, my anxiety had taken its toll on my self-perceptions, health, relationships, and quality of life. Following was a 5-year vicious cycle of anxiety, depression, numbing, and self-harm. I was living in so much burden, fear and pain. I tried countless treatments, psychologists, medications and alternative therapies, but it was yoga and meditation that not only saved my life but changed it forever. This practice became the most effective way to interrupt anxious thought patterns, calm my mind, and come back into my body. I found that the more awareness I created through this practice, the more it showed up daily. It inspired me to quit my corporate job, say goodbye to partying, change my diet to plant-based, and cease toxic relationships and anything else that wasn't in alignment with this higher self I was creating. I learned to calm my nervous system, to master my mind, to find gratitude in all life's tides, to implement mindfulness as a way of life, and most of all, to see my Dharma (purpose). These powerful healing tools had changed my life, and it was my mission to share them with the world, so I underwent thousands of hours of yoga and meditation training to hold the highest industry qualifications possible as an ERYT®500, RPYT®, RCYT®, YACEP® and teacher trainer.


Lemon water, meditation, journalling, yoga or workout, snuggles with my babies, watching sunrise.


Out in nature, on ocean adventures, doing mama things, teaching yoga and meditation


That you must feel to heal. Lean into the discomfort, the heartache and the pain. The only way out is through.


You are the creator of your own reality because you are the creator of your own vibration — Abraham Hicks

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I have been highly disciplined in chasing my dream life and crafting a career blending all my passions - meditation, yoga, travel, photography, business, freediving, skydiving, surfing and conscious living.


After graduating with a Bachelor of Business, I worked as a yoga teacher and divemaster in Hawaii, led yoga and surf retreats in Bali, and led yoga and meditation workshops and trainings all over the world from Sydney to Singapore to Paris ✈️ 


After many travels, I felt called back home to Australia. It was there that I fell in love with this French engineer-turned-filmmaker when he attended my yoga class. Over five years together, we world, created and birthed businesses ), and experienced the joys of bringing life into this world together with our two little ones, Rafael and Mathilde.

If you've followed my journey online, then you know that 2022 was a year of upheaval, heartache, loss and (re)birth.


In the space of one year, I tragically lost my brother to suicide, I made the difficult decision to close Yogaventures studio following COVID. I also chose to separate from my partner at 38 weeks pregnant and embraced the role of a solo mama to a newborn and toddler. I look back on this time and see so much gratitude in the grief.

Right now - I live a simple, holistic life raising my babies by the sea as a solo mama. It's pretty magical everyday ✨

Through my online presence and work, I vulnerably and authentically share my share my story and teachings in hope of making an impact and inspiring others to create a life that sets their soul on fire too 🔥

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