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I'm an Australian based creative, yogipreneur and Mama passionate about inspiring purposeful, mindful living.

My story began when I first found yoga as a therapy for my anxiety and depression.


As a young teen, I experienced debilitating panic attacks. By the time I was 18 my anxiety had taken it's toll on my self-perceptions, health, relationships, and quality of life. Following was a vicious cycle of numbing, addiction, depression and self-harm. I tried countless treatments, psychologists, medications and alternative therapies, but it was yoga that not only saved my life but changed it forever. My first yoga class left me in tears because I was so relieved to experience this soul-replenishing state of calm. Yoga became my powerful tool for healing, health and happiness and it was my mission to share it with the world. After finding yoga, I fell in love with life again and everything flowed from there. 


Lemon water, coffee, meditation, journalling, yoga, snuggles with my babes, watching sunrise.


Out in nature, on ocean adventures, doing mama things, working + getting creative at Yogaventures.


That you must feel to heal. Lean into the discomfort, the heartache and the pain. The only way out is through.

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I worked hard to craft my dream life and make a career blending all my passions - yoga, travel, photography, freediving, skydiving, surfing and conscious living.


After graduating a Bachelor of Business, I lived as a yoga teacher and divemaster in Hawaii, led yoga and surf retreats in Bali, and taught ‘Yoga for Anxiety Workshops’ all over the world from Sydney to Singapore to Paris.


After many travels, I fell in love with this French-engineer-turned-filmmaker @guillaumecornetfilms when he walked into my yoga class. It's been a beautiful journey share in life's ups and downs, and grow with someone who lives life with an open heart too. 


In 2020, I opened Yogaventures whilst 9 month pregnant and shortly before COVID began (but that's another story!). In early 2022, the biggest heartache of my life hit as we tragically lost my brother to suicide. I felt and still feel overwhelmed and consumed by the insurmountable grief. I believe that the experiences (especially the negative ones) we go through in life condition and pattern us for better or worse - our thoughts, behaviours, beliefs. In the past my unresolved traumas have kept me paralysed. But this time it was my past experiences that provided strength and resilience.

Amidst everything I'm reminded daily that grief and joy can co-exist, and that the healing, self-forgiveness and letting go is a life long journey.

Today, my partner, Guillaume and I live a simple, holistic and full life on the Gold Coast Australia with our beautiful two-year-old Taurus babe, Rafael (and another babe on the way). We love to travel, create, blend our passions, grow our businesses, and share our stories in hope of inspiring others to embrace the extraordinary experiences life has to offer.

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