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How To Install Lightroom Presets

Presets are a creative way to add a little magic back to your photos and memories. But downloading them can be a little fickle and you're not alone if you need some guidance. Below, I've broken down the download instructions into 6 easy peasy steps for your convenience:

  1. Download all the files after your purchase and unzip the folders

  2. Open Lightroom on your desktop (must be the most recent version)

  3. Import the photo you want to edit and open Develop tab (top bar)

  4. Once you’re in Develop, open the Presets panel (left side)

  5. Open the + Icon in the top right corner and click Import Preset(s)

  6. Find the presets you downloaded earlier, select all and click Import

Now you're read to make some dreamy images come to life! Be sure share on social media and tag @emmaceolin.

If you have any queries, questions of just want to say hey - I'd love to hear from you at

Emma. X

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