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Pregnancy Week 8 - Raspberry Baby

Welcome to week 7 & 8 which is month 2 in the First Trimester! 32 weeks to go! Guillaume and I had our first Baby Scan which brought tears to our eyes!

Pregnancy Week 8

Baby Dating Scan Week 7
Baby Dating Scan Week 7

👶🏽 Baby Status: In week 8, baby is 1.3cm and around the size of a raspberry this week. Baby is officially now called a Fetus and considered a mini human (cute!). For one, baby's tail has now gone and all organs, muscles, and nerves are beginning to function. Upper lip is forming and so is a little button nose. Week 8 also marks the beginning of a big developmental stage as baby's body parts have now formed and from here on out grow more rapidly and become more specialised and complicated (like the heart which has developed into the right and left champers). Our Bub's heart is beating at 131 beats per minute - around twice the rate of an average human.

🤰🏽 Mama's Status: There's a lot of change going on in my body right now. Most noticeable is chronic fatigue I can't seem to shake and sore breasts. Like honestly feels like I've been punched in the tits every minute. Feeling suuuuuuper tired this week too. Everyone has pre cautioned me about the tiredness and getting enough sleep but man I was not ready for this! I've been sleeping around 9-13 hours per night and having day naps for 1-2 hours. I can't get enough sleep right now. I've also made the decision to give up caffeine completely so perhaps this is playing a part. On the plus side insomnia (which I've suffered from for a long time) is no where to be seen. The moment my head hits the pillow is the moment I fall asleep. I do wake up 1-3 times throughout the night to pee more frequently. Interrupting a dream-filled cycle or REM sleep also leaves me remembering these crazy pregnancy dreams as of late! I haven't had throwing up but have experienced light nausea. Caught myself feeling a little down this week as I say no and miss out on more things. I've given up freediving, scuba diving, skydiving, coffee! I have been gently reminding myself that even though I am missing out on some things I love, I'll be gaining more love than I could ever imagine.

Weight: + 1kg. I think this is entirely in my boobs haha. My breasts have also grown from a 10C to a 10DD.

Diet: It feels natural and right for me to completely cut out alcohol and caffeine for bub. As a vegan I'm been mindful of a balanced well-rounded whole foods diet to get the nutrients needed. If anything my diet has been better than ever and I've been trying to get at least 20 plants in per day. Breakfast is usually smoothie and Tofu Scramble which a bunch of veggies, lunch is a healthy whole foods sandwich and dinner might be roasted veggies. This changes every single day though.

Aversions: This week I've had strong aversions to my regular morning salted caramel banana vegan smoothie. I've had these every morning for the past year and suddenly the smell of the salted caramel protein or banana is really overwhelming.

Cravings: This week I have been craving fruit smoothies instead. I make these with frozen mango, frozen pineapple, frozen raspberry and water.

Products I'm loving: I've started using organic coconut oil on the ta-ta's, belly, and hoo ha, morning and night. It helps reduce any stretch marks or itchiness in the breasts and belly. I haven't got this yet but starting early! It also helps balance flora in the yoni and prepares for child birth. Winning!

Supplements: I've been taking Garden of Life Raw Prenatal which I bought online from iHerb. Not sponsored in anyway. I did a lot of research into supplements and vitamins and with the help of my doctor, decided this was the best for me as it's Raw Food-Created Nutrients from organically grown fruits and vegetables. It has more vitamins many other supplements on the market, uses Folate rather than Folic Acid, and avoids a lot of nasties. I do have to warn you guys, they do not taste pleasant. I've been getting creative hiding them in my fruit smoothies in the mornings. I've also been taking the Garden of Life Organic Plant Calcium as I'm vegan and Earth Mama 100% Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea to help with cramps and prepare for child birth. I'm still taking Ferro-Gradumet & Vitamin C for iron deficiency and have upped my dosage to one in the morning and one in the evening.

Pregnancy Exercises: This week I've been working out most mornings starting with 20mins of cardio and finishing with some body-weighted exercises.

Self Care Rituals: Warm lavender essential oil bath by candlelight with relaxing music.

Top Tip: Since finding out I was pregnant, and not having a clue what to expect or how to plan, these were great sources of info:

✌🏽 Thanks for taking the time to read and connect. I'm sharing my pregnancy journey online for friends, family and other mamas out there. If you have any questions, tips or anything you'd like to share, please comment below.

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