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Pregnancy Week 10 - Prune Baby

Week 10 this means - One-quarter of the way through. 30 weeks to go! This week has been intense with morning sickness, but less than last week.

Pregnancy Week 10

👶🏽 Baby Status: This week baby is the size of a prune (apron 3.8cm long and 4 grams awwwww). Baby is busy swallowing and kicking, though I can't feel this yet. Each day more little things start to appear like fingernails and little sprouts of head hair. So cute!

🤰🏽 Mama's Status: This week I've felt some relief from morning sickness. But definitely still there. I've noticed more visible veins across the belly and breasts, Weird! This is due to extra blood increase (almost 50% more) being transported to baby. I've been feeling hopeful and grateful this week to have days of relief. You don't realise how good it feels to be healthy until you're not feeling so. Grateful that I work from home and for myself so I have the flexibility to rest when I need.

Weight: + 2kg. Definitely starting to have swelling in my lower abdomen so jeans are snug around the waist. My uterus is apparently now the size of a grapefruit so definitely starting to see the lower belly swell more.

Diet: After the atomic bomb that is morning sickness and a week of eating dry toast, I feel like crap. I'm scared to eat anything that will set off morning sickness. So ginger has been my main thing. I am ginger crazed at the moment. Fresh ginger tea. Ginger in iced water. G- ginger slice. Ginger nut cookies. Dried ginger. Ginger coconut yoghurt. Ginger beer. I've also been grating ginger and crushing ginger into everything I eat. I don't particularly like the taste but it does help calm nausea. It's crazy how fast it works and how well it works! I've found going straight to the source and using fresh ginger root has been much more effective than the processed forms of ginger.

Aversions: Anything too flavoursome is still a turn off. Simple foods is where it's at.

Cravings: I'm obsessed with strawberries and carbs right now. Strawberries and oats. Strawberries and bread. Strawberries and granola.

Products I'm loving: Taking a break from products, body lotions etc this week as smell triggers nausea for me right now.

Supplements: I've started the SmartyPants Prenatal Vegetarian Gummies and Now Foods Iron Liquid which are much easier to stomach with morning sickness.

Pregnancy Exercises: Going for long 1 hour inclined walks and yoga class this week to keep it easy.

Yoga Practice: Obsessed with hip openers right now. They feel so good on the pelvis!

Self Care Rituals: Booked in a lymphatic massage this week to relieve tension and help things moving in the body. Hoping to make this a weekly or fortnightly ritual.

✌🏽 Thanks for taking the time to read and connect. I'm sharing my pregnancy journey online for friends, family and other mamas out there. If you have any questions, tips or anything you'd like to share, please comment below.

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