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Pregnancy Week 13 🍋 Lemon Baby 🍋

Pregnancy Baby Bump Photo Week 13

Week 13 is the last week of Trimester One! Anyone who has survived the trimester one trenches knows how this feels! We did it! 27 weeks to go!

👶🏽 Baby Status: This week baby is as big as a lemon (8cm and 28g) and a lot had been happening. Makes me want to cry just writing this - can't believe Bub has doubled in weight since last week. Baby's fingerprints are now fully formed! Ovaries or testes are fully developed inside the body, and the genitals are starting to form outside the body. So if I have a girl, I'm technically now carrying 2 generations of babes already! We won’t be able to find out the sex on ultrasound scan just yet, but hopefully soon.

🤰🏽 Mama's Status: Feeling good this week. I love that I can now openly speak about this pregnancy. All I can say is for first trimester mamas out there - it's over before you know it 🙌🏽 I'm now only getting little bit of nausea in the evenings and usually sleep it off. All in all this week has been pretty chill.

Weight: + 2.5kg.

Diet: Eating lots of whole foods and plant based diet again. 6 small meals throughout the day is still feeling good.

Aversions: No food aversions - still feeling weird over the smell of the shower products.

Cravings: Creamy mashed potato with vegan butter has been my thing this week. Just typing this I am having cravings for dinner. YUM!

Products and Supplements I'm loving: I'm going to list the SmartyPants Prenatal Vegetarian Gummies forever here because I love them so much.

Pregnancy Exercises and Yoga: This week has been all about feeling back into my body. I can only compare it to being really sick for a few weeks and having to get to know and create a relationship with your body again. Yoga has been feeling amazing lately and give me time and space for this.

Self Care Rituals: Yoga has been my go to this week for self care. My practice on the mat entails a bunch of other mindfulness-based practices like journalling, meditating and breathing too. No sure where I'd be without this practice!

✌🏽 Thanks for taking the time to read and connect. I'm sharing my pregnancy journey online for friends, family and other mamas out there. If you have any questions, tips or anything you'd like to share, please comment below.

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